Who We Are

We Occupy For God And The Country.

OccupyGhana is a social and political non-partisan pressure group. We are passionately committed to ensuring that Ghana develops to its full economic potential and remains a strong democracy
OccupyGhana is formed out of a philosophy of positively changing mindsets, systems and structures leading ultimately to the attainment and sustenance of good governance
OccupyGhana will continue to exist as a watch-dog to hold all elected governments accountable for their actions and celebrate good governance. We always will be a positive renovation of ourselves, developing strategies to ensure that all governments, irrespective of political party, are accountable to Ghanaians
OccupyGhana will build alliances and partnerships with other CSOs, Think Tanks and political pressure groups to analyze, review public policies and initiatives.

•OccupyGhana believes that the Citizens elect the Governments to serve them and we will ensure that the Government so elected uses its mandate to deliver good governance.
•OccupyGhana will ensure that the Governments delivery must drive prudent management of the economy
•OccupyGhana believes that the Citizens must not only know their rights and duties and we will embolden them to make their voices heard and play their part in the development of the country in responsible non-violent ways

OccupyGhana’s vision is to see a country run under a good and responsible governance regime, free of corruption, abuse of power, and a positively engaged citizenry

Principles and Beliefs

OccupyGhana believes that Governments are elected by the citizens to serve them. We will ensure that the Government uses its mandate to deliver good governance, which means that the Government and all public servants who make use of taxpayers money must not be corrupt. It also means they must be transparent, accountable, and open to scrutiny.

OccupyGhana is committed to upholding the Ghanaian Constitution and rule of law. However, where we consider that it is necessary to do so to assist the fight against corruption, we shall recommend amendments to the Constitution and the enactment, amendment or repeal of legislation.

OccupyGhana will work with any Government, public authority or public servant to assist them to effect change for the better in the fight against corruption. We demand that in working with such authorities and institutions, they are co-operative, transparent and show integrity in their dealings with us, and we shall do the same.

OccupyGhana will expose corruption where we find it, whether involving public servants, government bodies, or indeed where private individuals, companies or organisations make corrupt use of public funds. We will institute protests, campaigns, and use all available legal means, including court action, to effect the changes we demand on behalf of society.

OccupyGhana will not only expose corruption in its narrow form. We will protect against abuse of power, corruption and other maladministration that impacts the environment, national security, human rights, social values or good health of Ghana and its Citizens.

Where it deems necessary, OG may act as social or development campaigners through organized and systematic efforts to secure the highest personal and social satisfaction for citizens, groups and communities. Our social advocacy will address multiple, complex transactions between citizens and their environments, and aims at enabling all people to develop their full potential, enrich their lives, prevent disruption and ensure proper functioning of society.

OccupyGhana believes that the Citizens must not only know their rights and duties, but must be educated, emboldened and empowered to make their voices heard. Every Citizen has a duty to contribute to the development of the country in responsible non-violent ways, to hold Government, public institutions and public servants to account. Citizens also have a duty not only to uphold the fight against corruption, but to join in our efforts to detect, report and fight corruption themselves.

OccupyGhana is political, but non-partisan. This means that while we certainly engage in political discourse, and seek to effect change at Governmental, legislative and public authority levels, we are not aligned with the principles or beliefs and owe no allegiance, duty or obligation to any political party, organisation or individual. We may operate in the political space, but we are – and always will remain – fiercely independent.

OccupyGhana is open to membership from people of all spectrums of life, and we encourage Citizens to join us irrespective of their beliefs. We are united across political, religious, racial and cultural spectrums by the fight against corruption, and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or victimisation amongst our members.

OccupyGhana agrees to be held up to the same principles of integrity, good governance, accountability and transparency that we expect of those in public life who serve the people of Ghana.

Our Ethical Code

  1. We will uphold the fundamental principle that Ghana must have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption.
  1. We accept membership of and support for our organisation from across the political spectrum.
  1. Politically active and politically aligned individuals are more than welcome to join our organisation, provided that they agree to the following:
    1. They must be transparent about their political allegiances if they wish to play any leadership role in OccupyGhana, or if they wish to influence OccupyGhana’s policies, campaigns or initiatives;
    2. They will sign up to and uphold our Principles and Beliefs;
    3. They will not seek to use OccupyGhana as a platform to further their political careers.
  1. OccupyGhana is led by a panel of Leading Members who have all signed up to our Principles and Beliefs and our Ethical Code. A list of current Leading Members can be found on our Website.
  1. No member of OccupyGhana who wishes to play an active role in development of OccupyGhana’s policies, campaigns or initiatives may do so if they have any potential, perceived or real conflict of interest which may arise through their association with OccupyGhana or otherwise. All such potential conflicts of interest must be declared to the Leading Members of OccupyGhana, who will determine finally whether the individual may be a Leading Member of OccupyGhana.
  1. We accept donations from well-meaning individuals and organisations. We shall publish all donations, and where we are given permission to do so, the identity of the donor. Where donations are given anonymously, we shall publish the amount of the donation only.
  1. Anyone giving a donation to OccupyGhana must do so on the strict understanding that their donation can have no influence whatsoever, directly or indirectly, on OccupyGhana’s policies, campaigns or beliefs.
  1. We will publish updates on our policies, campaigns, and initiatives on our website, https://occupyghana.com, and will seek to engage regularly with our membership and the wider public on the currency of our strategy and how we can improve it.
  1. We will hold annual general meetings at which we invite our members to address OccupyGhana’s leadership on the organisation’s strategy and direction.
  1. OccupyGhana is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. We are not a charity or non-governmental organisation, but we are committed to applying all funds received or earned back into the organisation.
  1. OccupyGhana shall publish its annual accounts on its website and aims to be fully transparent about its financial dealings.



16 December 2016

Our Members

Meet some of our very dedicated members.

Michael Segbefia

Kweku Segbefia

Cecil Gabrah

Seth Quaye

Nana Dadzie Ghansah

Radha Hackman

James Addo

James Addo

IT Consultant
Maximus Amertogoh

Maximus Amertogoh

Digital Marketing Strategist
Sydney Casely-Hayford

Sydney Casely-Hayford

Chartered Accountant

How It All Started

There comes a time when we must cut the talk and take some action!! That time has come…..

Ghana can work again and we must #OccupyGhana to effect change!!