Who Are We?

OccupyGhana is a social and political non-partisan pressure group. We are passionately committed to ensuring that Ghana develops to its full economic potential and remains a strong democracy.

OccupyGhana is formed out of a philosophy of positively changing mindsets, systems and structures leading ultimately to the attainment and sustenance of good governance.

OccupyGhana will continue to exist as a watch-dog to hold all elected governments accountable for their actions and celebrate good governance. We always will be a positive renovation of ourselves, developing strategies to ensure that all governments, irrespective of political party, are accountable to Ghanaians.

OccupyGhana will build alliances and partnerships with other CSOs, Think Tanks and political pressure groups to analyze, review public policies and initiatives

OccupyGhana believes that Governments are elected by the citizens to serve them. We will ensure that the Government uses its mandate to deliver good governance, which means that the Government and all public servants who make use of taxpayers money must not be corrupt. It also means they must be transparent, accountable, and open to scrutiny…Read More

Join The Cause

Let us hold firmly to our national anthem’s call to be “bold to defend forever, the cause of freedom and of right”.
Let us speak up against the many evils that bedevil our nation.
Let us expose corruption wherever it hides and fight it with all the force that we can muster.