• Support for DUMSORMUSTSTOP VIGIL (11/05/15)
    • OccupyGhana called for support for the Yvonne Nelson led vigil to highlight the difficulties Ghanaians were going through as a result of “dumsor”.
  • OccupyGhana Rejects 9% increase in Fuel Prices (20/05/15)
    • OccupyGhana rejected the new price hikes of petroleum products heaped on Ghanaians despite the relatively low and stable prices of crude oil and also during a period where businesses were folding up due to the purchase of fuel to power their gensets and power plants in the era of “dumsor”.
  • OccupyGhana Condemns Assassination of Mahama Adams (26/05/15)
  • OccupyGhana condemned the dastardly act of murder of the NPP Upper-West Chairman and also condemned the growing politics of machoism.
  • Rules of Court presentation to the Supreme Court.
  • OccupyGhana, upon request by the Chief Justice, submitted a Rules of Court document on the AUDITOR-GENERAL (DISALLOWANCE AND SURCHARGE) APPEAL RULES.