November, Point out Auditor-General flaws

  • OccupyGhana demands Auditor-General acts on its powers (12/11/14)

OccupyGhana initiated a process whereby it pointed out that the Auditor-General was failing to execute some of his constitutional powers which could have helped save some money for the country and hold officials who misappropriate state funds accountable to the people

  • Nelson Abudu-Baani MP should resign for demanding stone-beating of adulterous women (16/11/14)
    • The aim of this PR was to push the Member of Parliament to resign after making unsavoury statements. Eventually, he apologised for his comments.
  • OccupyGhana®’s Position On Cash Hand–‐Outs (Soli) To Journalists (25/11/15)
    • OccupyGhana officially stated its position on the issue of soli saying it was wrong and unethical and hence would never support this act. This resulted in the low turnout of some journalists in subsequent events and reporting of Occupy Ghana’s activities.