OccupyGhana® Congratulates Brigitte Dzogbenuku

OccupyGhana® Congratulates Brigitte Dzogbenuku

8th AUGUST, 2016



OccupyGhana® has noted with excitement, the news that Miss Brigitte Dzogbenuku has been selected to run on the ticket of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) as the running-mate to Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom. Congratulations, Brigitte.

For many of us and Brigitte, activism was birthed when we took part in the momentous 1st July 2014 Occupy Flag Staff House event. From then, through the formal founding of OccupyGhana, to date, Brigitte has been a friend and ardent supporter of our cause in demanding good governance for Ghana. Right from the onset, she faced the evil forces who felt that the way to douse the spark that was lit on 1st July, 2014 was to launch misogynistic attacks on some of the women who took part in the event. But Brigitte would not be bullied or intimidated. She stared back at them, they blinked first and were shamed into silence.

In our interactions with her she comes across as a forthright person who loves this nation dearly and wants to do her best to move Ghana forward from the economic and social mess that we find ourselves in right now. Although she never formally joined our organisation, we have considered her an “Occupier” at heart and in deeds, and we share the same ideals with her.

Her dive into frontline politics through this appointment is a further shot in the arm of the fight to empower women to take up their God-bestowed leadership roles in society, and to be a part of the change-makers in our journey to economic freedom.

In the many who have taken such a bold step, such as Brigitte, Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah and our George Andah, and with whom we share the same vision, passion and ideals, we see the future of Ghana, bright and attractive, headed and run by people who truly and genuinely love this country, and who seek public office not for self-esteem or stolen wealth, but from a genuine desire to work hard and contribute their all, through public service.

We believe that there comes a time when sitting on the fence out of the fear of being tagged as “partisan,” does not work anymore. We agree with Brigitte when she says “I realize that change is not going to come by sitting behind my laptop or tapping away at my phone everyday expressing my displeasure and frustration at how poor Ghana has become. I actively want to do something about it. So if by this I am now labelled a politician, then it is what I have become.” We identify with those words.

We wish Brigitte well in her endeavours in this new stage of her life. Should she become successful, we expect that she will keep the fire burning, and stick to the same ideals that we have shared. We also wish to promise her, that in the extremely unlikely event that she departs from those ideals, we will not hold back in pointing that out to her. But we know Brigitte and what she stands for.

We wish her well.

Yours in the service of occupying hearts and minds for God and Country