The Ten Smarttys Questions

The Ten Smarttys Questions

1.       Under what circumstances did the Ministry of Transport write to a Chinese Company at a Chinese address in Accra for a rebranding Price Quote on 10th April 2015?

2.       How could the Ministry of Transport hand the buses over to Smarttys to rebrand in May 2015 without a Price Quote, a Contract or Procurement Approval?

3.       How come that the Ministry of Transport first wrote to the Ministry of Finance to pay Smarttys on 8th July 2015, and then on 15th July 2015 wrote to Smarttys to provide a Price Quote, citing consultations “with the office of the President”?

4.       How did the Ministry of Finance approve “urgent” payment to Smarttys on 23rd July 2015 without even seeing a Contract and Procurement Approval?

5.       How come that on 28th July 2015, the Ministry of Transport wrote and gave false and deceptive reasons to the Public Procurement Authority to procure sole sourcing transaction approval, in blatant breach of the provisions of the Public Procurement Act?

6.       Under what circumstances was the sham Contract with Smarttys signed belatedly on 31st July 2015?

7.       Who or what was behind the false statements made in the Government of Ghana Payment Voucher dated 6thAugust 2015, that the Smarttys monies were being paid with respect to a “Western Corridor Railway Project” at “Osu”?

8.       Under what circumstances did the Bank of Ghana pay Smarttys on 11thAugust 2015, which was two days before the Controller and Accountant-General wrote to the Bank (on 13th August 2015) authorising payment?

9.       Why has the Attorney-General not repudiated the entire sham transaction and recovered ALL the monies paid, for Ghana?

10.   Why has the Attorney-General not initiated the prosecution of all the public officials and private persons who were involved in this deal?

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