Smarttys Deal – Role of the Office of the President (Flagstaff House)

Smarttys Deal – Role of the Office of the President (Flagstaff House)

We have taken due note of the President’s invitation to Ghanaians to name for him, persons in his government who are corrupt, so that he deals with them.

Thank you, Sir. Let’s start with the Smarttys transaction. In this official letter, no less a person than the Ministry of Transport’s Director of Policy & Planning (who also signed the final Contract, by the way), felt the need to inform and assure Smarttys that what we now know to be the corrupt Smarttys transaction, was cooked up with the Office Of The President (OOTP).

And so while we may not mention names at this stage, right there in the Flagstaff House, the OOTP. are persons who are implicated and complicit in this blatant act of corruption and shameless illegality. We are pretty certain that the Director who signed this official letter and who mentioned the OOTP, is well able to provide the names of the persons in the OOTP and exactly what role(s) they played in this impugned transaction.

Sir, let’s start from here…