OccupyGhana calls on Ghanaians to support #DUMSORMUSTSTOP vigil

OccupyGhana calls on Ghanaians to support #DUMSORMUSTSTOP vigil

In line with OccupyGhana’s support for citizens to voice out their concerns as part of their civil rights, we are calling on all Ghanaians to throw their weight behind these concerned Ghanaians in the creative industry who have decided to add their voices to speak out against the current Dumsor crisis and stage a vigil called #dumsormuststop.

We urge all committed Ghanaians to join the vigil and express their voices in what has become a never-ending embarrassment to our country.

We applaud these celebrities for coming out boldly to demand that “dumsor” must be stopped immediately.

We also condemn those of our body politic who have decided to attack the personalities of these celebrities and tried to spin a political twist to what they are demanding to be fixed, in the interest of the country.

We are observing the barrier being placed in the way of the organisers and we urge them never to give up.

We urge all Ghanaians to stand up and fight against bad leadership which is the bane of all we are going through as a nation.

We wish to encourage these celebrities to not sit on the fence any longer, but do what they can within their industry for the interest of the country and for posterity.

#dumsormuststop NOW!

Yours in the Service of occupying minds for God and County.

For further information please contact George Kojo Anti, OccupyGhana® Media Relations by replying to this email, or on +233 572666256 or info@occupygh.com