Republic V. En Huang & 4 Others – OccupyGhana® Acknowledges Changes In Charges

Republic V. En Huang & 4 Others – OccupyGhana® Acknowledges Changes In Charges

23rd May, 2017



OccupyGhana® is happy to learn that the charges filed in court in the case of Republic v. En Huang & 4 Others, where the accused persons are alleged to have been engaged in illegal mining in Ghana, have been amended and fresh charges brought, this time under the provisions of the Minerals & Mining Act.

It would be recalled that although the accused persons had been arrested for allegedly being engaged in illegal mining, the charges filed against them in court were relatively minor immigration offences that did not reflect the severity of the alleged acts.

OccupyGhana® consequently obtained a certified copy of the Charge Sheet and immediately petitioned the Attorney-General over the charges, requesting the filing of the proper charges under the Minerals & Mining Act.

OccupyGhana® is therefore gratified that the proper charges have now been filed. It gives the State the opportunity to prosecute for the proper offences and also affords the accused persons the opportunity to defend themselves against those charges.

The fight against galamsey is multifaceted, and it is only when we all put our shoulders to the wheel and occupy our democratic space that things will work.

In this direction, OccupyGhana® would like to commend the Media Coalition Against Galamsey, and other media houses for the collective efforts they are making to bring the menace under control.

We reiterate our earlier call to the Government and all Ghanaians that the fight against illegal mining in Ghana is a fight to protect, not only the present, but the future of this country. It is therefore imperative that the law must be applied to all who fall foul of it, without fear or favour.

Yours in the service of God and Country,